Mitashi is a Japanese electronics & home appliances manufacturer company, offering premium & strong build quality products at the best price. Buy from a wide range of products including TV, Audio, AC, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, etc. Read more

Best Mitashi Products

TV – MiDE065v22 4KS, MiDE043v60 FS, MiDE050v45 FHD, MiDE039v48 i

AC – MiSAC155INv35, INA318K350, MiSAC202vXHD

Washing Machine – MiFAWM68v15, WMFA700K100 FL, WMFA600K100 FL

Refrigerator – MiRFBMF2S345v20, MiRFSDM3S195v120

Audio – TWR 9699 BT, TS 8045 BT, TWR 90 FUR

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